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Stamping with Stencils...


I recently discovered that some stencils and masks make great stamps.  That's right! Here is a quick video tutorial showing how I used a few to make a gift tag.

Have a  blessed day!






Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer Tutorial...

So, I am in love with the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer! Let me show you how it works!

Have a  blessed day!



Free How-To Project...

Have you checked out this super cute tutorial by Vanessa Spencer with Stampington where she uses my Art Pops™ Cards and Art Pops™ Sticker Tape to create these adorable cards?  Check it out HERE!


Mail Art - File Folder Video Tutorial...

Check out my new mail art video tutorial featured on the Art to the 5th blog and make some mail art with me!


Altered File Folder Video Tutorial...


Art Board Ornament Tutorial...

 This year I wanted to create some little ornaments with my own artwork.  I had some art boards and thought they would be perfect.  Join me for a little tutorial so you can make your own.

If you would like one of mine, I have a few in my Etsy Shop HERE!


 •Color photocopies of artwork or other images (I printed mine with a laser printer onto Premium Laser Paper by HP and sized the images at about 4.5" x 4.5" so they would be a little larger than the panel).
•Adhesive (I used Collage Pauge)
•4" x 4" art boards (I used Ampersand brand with a 3/8" profile).
•Screw eyes - #216 size
Center punch - small tip
X-Acto blade
•Pliers - optional
•Sealer - optional
•Paint brush - optional

1. Brush adhesive onto art board with brush or fingers. 

2. Place color image onto board and smooth out air bubbles by running a brayer gently across the board.  Set aside to dry.

3. Using a sharp blade, turn the board over and trim off the extra paper.

4. Using a pencil, mark a small spot at 2" and gently tap the center punch to create a little hole.  Be careful when tapping so you don't crack the board.

5. Place the screw eye into the hole and gently turn it until it is flush with the wood. If you have trouble turning the screw eye, use a small pair of pliers to help turn it.

6. Insert a matching ribbon and tie into a loop.


Mixed-Media Spool Necklace Project...

Sometimes Mixed-Media Spool Necklace Project

Check it out at Stampington HERE!


Mail Art Envelope Tutorial...


Looking for a quick and easy way to make a mail art envelope?  Look no further than this tutorial where I show a simple way to convert an envelope into a work of art!  Want to learn more?  Check out my You've Got Mail...Art! workshop HERE!

Have a  blessed day!


Gather Supplies: Glue stick, 6" x 9" envelope, vintage ledger paper, scissors, black pen, sewing machine and collage elements (I printed some of my digital art bits created in collaboration with Samantha Kira Harding -- available HERE).

Fold a piece of ledger paper around envelope.

Using a glue stick, adhere paper to the envelope.

I used a brayer to smooth out any bubbles.

Glue a piece of ledger paper to envelope flap.

Trim excess paper from the edge of the flap.

Adhere collage pieces to one side of the envelope.  I printed these from my digital kits (Beauty) Art Bits #1 and (Rainbow) Arts Bits #2.

Doodle around art bits with a black pen.

Adhere art bits to front, creating areas for the addresses. These pieces were printed from my digital kit Art Bits #1.

Stitch around the edge of the envelope.


Check out these handmade mail art pieces available in my Etsy Shop!










Good Things That Happened Journal...

 Looking for a creative way to remember all the good things that happened to you during the year? This little journal features monthly pockets for collecting notes about all those good things so you can go back and read all of them at the end of the year! 

Check out the directions on the Stampington & Company website HERE!


Tag & Cardboard Valentine Tutorial...


-Cardboard, two shipping tags and a piece of burlap
-Sewing machine, glue stick and scissors
-Felt heart (I cut mine from an old sweater.)
-Gel medium and phone book page
-White acrylic paint
-Muslin fabric
-Needle and embroidery thread


1. Cut a piece of cardboard to create the base of the card and trim a piece of burlap.

2. Overlap two shipping tags to create one large tag and stitch around the edge.

3. Apply gel medium to a phone book page.

4. Place phone book page (gel side down) onto tag, burnish and gently peel off.

5. Apply a small amount of white acrylic paint to tag and edges of cardbard.

6. Pleat and stitch a piece of muslin fabric.

7. Stitch burlap scrap and muslin ruffle to tag.

8. Using embroidery thread, stitch onto felt heart.

9. Stitch tag to cardboard base.  Adhere buttons and heart with adhesive.



Inspirational Door Hanger Tutorial...

I found some chip board journals at Michaels the other day in their 50 cent bin.  I rummaged around and found quite a few nice shapes and decided each piece could be altered into pretty door hangers. Have fun creating your own!

Have a  blessed day!



-Chip board journals (Michaels)
-Fabric strips
-Washi tape
-Glue stick, scissors, sewing machine and 1/4" hole punch
-Computer generated quote or phrase
-Muslin fabric or duck cloth
-Book paper
-Gel medium or glue dots
-Black pen


1. Use hole punch to add a second hole to the chip board shape. Doodle around the edges with a black pen.

2. Trim a piece of muslin or duck cloth to fit your base. Stitch your phrase/quote to old book paper and stitch to fabric base.

3. Tear a strip of fabric and run it through the sewing machine, creating pleats as you stitch.

4. Cut your fabric strip so you have two pieces.  Stitch them to your fabric base above and below your phrase/quote.

5. Using a glue stick, adhere your fabric piece to the chip board base.

6. Tear another strip of fabric and pull through the holes in chip board from back to front and tie each end in a knot.

7. Attach a variety of washi tape pieces to the top of the chip board base.

8. Using gel medium or glue dots, adhere a few buttons.

These pretties are being mailed out soon and I couldn't bear to send them in plain envelopes so I stitched up some inky papers to create artsy envelopes and now I am happy!


Upcycled Calendar Cards...

Looking for a way to upcycle those old calendars?  Here is a super quick and easy to way to turn them into pretty cards.


Old calendar (I used one made by Wendy Brightbill.)
Washi  tape
Text paper from an old book
Glue stick
Sewing machine
Card stock and envelopes
Lace scraps
Assorted paper punches

Using a glue stick, adhere pieces from an old book to the front of the card and flap of the envelope.

Punch assorted shapes from the calendar.

Glue assorted shapes to the card and envelope.

Add pieces of assorted washi tape.

Add a scrap or two of lace with a glue stick.

For a finishing touch, add decorative stitching.


Camera Awesome IPhone Tutorial...


Instagram - How to Delete Unwanted Comments


Stitched Gift Card Holder Tutorial...

 Supplies: duck cloth, template (download HERE), straight pins, scissors, sewing machine, fabric scraps, shank button, elastic and lace pieces.

 Pin template to duck cloth and trim.

 Fold duck cloth on fold lines as shown on template.

Gather thin strips of fabric.  I used pieces from my inky muslin cloths.

Using a straight stitch, attach strips to duck cloth as shown in photo.

Stitch fabric strips across one side of duck cloth and fold over one piece and stitch at straight edge as shown in photo.

Trim all around the edges, leaving just a little over the edge.

Sew small pieces of lace, printed muslin or other embellishments to holder.

Stitch all around the edges.

Fold bottom up to create pocket and stitch up the sides.

Attach a button and elastic to create closure.  I used a shank button which has a "loop" on the back and a tinker pin to hold it in place. Button pins also do the trick!  I also used 6" elastics I got from 7 Gypsies but you can use regular elastic and knot the ends inside the bag to hold in place.

Insert gift card and you are all set!

I also made another holder in a pouch style.  I stitched fabric strips to two pieces of duck cloth (one a little shorter to go on top) and stiched them together to create the pocket for the gift card.  I embellished with embroidery stitches and a few fabric flowers I salvaged from an old t-shirt.