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The Documented Life Project - 9/13 (Week 38)...

The Documented Life Project

September 13, 2014 - Week 38 Challenge:  Draw, paint, doodle, sketch a feather onto your page.  Don't draw, paint, doodle or sketch?  Incorporate a real feather onto your page!  Get creative and have fun!

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration.  



You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Barbara Moore


Art Journaling at Retreat...


I am in Orlando enjoying some girl time with my art friends this weekend!  We visited the Farmer's Market earlier today to purchase edibles for our home cooked meal and have spent the rest of the day creating in the studio.  I had a hard time feeling inspired, which happens from time-to-time but I finally just started applying paint to the pages and adding paper scraps and things began to evolve. Here is what I have so far!  Not sure if I will actually finish these pages this weekend but I will post my progress so check back.

Have a  blessed day!




Art Journal Love - Autumn...


I am teaching with Life Book 2015...


I am excited to announce that I will be teaching with Life Book 2015, a celebration and honoring of YOU!  This year-long mixed media art class features lots of inspiration from 26 incredible artists! 

Check out all the details HERE!

Today kicks off a month long blog hop so don't miss all the fun!! 

Have a  blessed day!





Five Things Now...

things I am crushing on right now...


1. The Bookman's Tale - I love historical fiction and this novel does not disappoint!

2. Alpenglow Hand and Body Wash - The little cottage we rented in Homer, Alaska had the Alpenglow products for our use.  I am pretty picky about my hand soap and this one not only smells amazing but does not leave your hands feeling dry.

3. The music of Dustin Tebbutt - Great music for relaxing!!

4. The art of Albert Stern - I found Albert's art on Instagram and after visiting his site, I knew I had to share his work with you. His style is raw, outsider art and I am so drawn to his ghostly faces and style of painting.  He paints with his brushes!  Check out his fingerpainting process HERE

5. Rawnola Bars (Vanilla Bean) by Earthling Organics - Oh boy!  I am hooked on these yummies!!


The Uni-ball Signo Broad Pen - A Must Have

One of my favorite journal artists, Kira Harding has done it again!  She has discovered an awesome doodle and journal pen and after reading her post HERE about it, I quickly jumped all over it.

I stalked my UPS guy on delivery day, his name is Mark, and tore the box open immediately to reaveal a box of beautiful (these guys are pretty) Uni-ball Signo Broad Um-153 Gel Ink Pens!  I popped off the cap and gave one a test drive.  Oh, boy!  I even did a "blur" test and brushed some water over my doodle marks. truly is waterproof!  And if that wasn't enough, it writes over dried paint with ease!  The pens are a little pricey on their own but a box of 12 drops the price down about 50% off each pen!

Have a  blessed day!




Artsy Wall Calendars for 2015...

...are ready to ship!! 

Size: 8 x 11 - See a Page by Page View HERE!

Quantities are limited. 
Leave a comment if you are interested in purchasing one and I will contact you directly.*

Price: $24.95 + Shipping

US (Priority): $30.45

Canada: $29.70

All other: $35.70

Prices shown include packaging and shipping.


*NOTE: Etsy is requiring sellers to go through an extensive application process in order to continue to add items that are not "handmade" by the seller.  Until I am approved, I am offering these via my blog.



The Documented Life Project - 8/30 (Week 36)...

The Documented Life Project

August 30, 2014 - Week 36 Challenge:  Black & White

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration. 



You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Barbara Moore


Alaska Highlights...


My husband's mom and sister's family moved to Alaska a couple of years ago so we made the visit out there last month to visit.  We also stopped in Seattle along the way and loved it!!  Come along as I share some highlights!

Have a  blessed day!


The afternoon view from the room in our B&B in Denali.

We saw this beauty on the side of the road in Denali.

View from one of our hikes in Denali National Park.

I was so happy to finally get to meet Eleaca Young in person...a fellow artist.  She and her state trooper hubby joined us for dinner.

Inside Denali National Park...was surprised that most of the park is tundra.

I was amazed at how heavy these were.

How cool to get to see this momma and baby in the park!

The view from our room in Denali at 11:30PM - crazy, eh?!


Highlights: •It was still daylight at 2:30AM

•We visited the North Pole and the Alaska Pipeline.

•I had one of the best Falafel Pitas I have ever tasted at the Pita Place.

We visited the Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge and got to see hundreds of Sandhill Cranes.

Birch trees are one of my favorites and they were everywhere.


In Seward, we took a whale watching dinner cruise and I had the best lentil quinoa burger at a cool place called Sip N Spin. The cafe was inside a laundry!




If you are ever in Homer, AK be sure to dine at Cafe Cups!  The atmosphere is very quirky and artsy and the food is flavorful and unique!

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of beautiful flowers all over Alaksa.  These are called Fireweed and grow wild everywhere!

While in Homer we dined at a cute place called The Little Mermaid.  Once again, I got lucky and they had a wonderful vegan dish called Falafel Tapa Plate.  Isn't it pretty!!?

I loved this door on the mud room of our little cottage. The little room smelled like lavendar and fresh cut wood. It was a nice little space!

I saw artist Drew Michael's Spaces Within exhibit at the Bunnell Street Arts Center.


I was especially drawn to this mask.  The circled wording: "Why can't journals be on masks?"


On the most beautiful day of our visit, we decided to do something spontaneous on our way back to Anchorage and rafted down the Kenai River.

Cooper Landing was one of the most beautiful places we visited!

Our rafting guide, Kristi.  I thought it was funny the contrast between how we were dressed and this was the warmest day we had in Alaska!




Gelli Plate Printing...

Have you heard about the new Gelli Plate Printing: Mixed Media Monoprinting Without a Press book by Joan Bess...the inventor of the concept for the Gelli plate?  It is due out September 12 and I am so excited to have a piece of my work included in the gallery!



The Documented Life Project - 8/23 (Week 35)...

The Documented Life Project

August 23, 2014 - Week 35 Challenge:  Draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face or cut and alter one from a book or magazine.

Visit the Art to the 5th blog for more inspiration. 



You can find us HERE: The Art to the 5th Academy and Flickr - Instagram: #documentedlife  

Our Blogs: Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Barbara Moore


Nestled Near Seattle... a place called Bainbridge Island and just a short distance from Colman Dock is a beautiful garden called The Bloedel Reserve. Our visit to Bloedel was the highlight of our recent trip to Seattle.  This beautiful public garden is one of the most tranquil places I have ever visited. 

We spent over two hours wandering the grounds, taking in the garden's beauty.  If I lived nearby, I would get a season pass and visit on a regular basis.  There is now a shuttle running from the dock, making it easier to visit.  Don't miss it if you live in the area or are visiting!

Have a  blessed day!




Favorite Art Supplies...

Some years ago, I was introduced to the Ohto Fudeball 1.5 Pen by Dina Wakley!  She has such a knack for discovering the best art journal pens.  This pen is pretty amazing and it will remain my favorite, at least for the moment, until I find another I like better.  

Which pen is your favorite and why?

If you missed any of my past Favorite Art Supplies posts, check them out HERE and HERE!

Have a  blessed day!



Printmaking Unleashed - Part II...


In Part II of my journey through Traci Bautista's new book called Printmaking Unleashed, I scanned several backgrounds created using techniques in her book.  I printed them and used them to create the background of my journal page.  I am offering these papers as free downloads for you to enjoy!

Have a  blessed day!



I followed several of Traci's technique ideas and in the early stages, I scanned the backgrounds into my computer. See Part I where I created the top two backgrounds.

I layered the backgrounds in PhotoShop, using a variety of layer styles.  I added doodles and parts of my own stamps to add some extra pattern.

I printed them onto paper, cut them and layered them to my journal page to create the base background.

I added doodles, painted shapes and handcarved stamps (leaf by Sandi Keene) to finish my journal page.








*Downloads are for personal use only.  Download to your computer and open with a software application that will open JPGS.  Adjust your printer settings so the page will print onto an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.  I am sorry, but I won't be able to offer technical support for downloads.

See Traci's book Printmaking Unleashed for lots of creative inspiration!





Blog Rewind...A Precarious Balance


Balance Daily Journal Prompt:

I've been thinking about this quote I read recently and thought it would make a great jumping off point for a journal entry:

"You can never really know someone completely. That's why it's the most terrifying thing in the world, really--taking someone on faith, hoping they'll take you on faith too. It's such a precarious balance, it's a wonder we do it at all."

~A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

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